Deutsche Akademie für Mikrotherapie (DAfMT) 
– International School of Image-Guided Interventions

Minimal-invasive intervention or synonymously “microtherapy” has developed dramatically in certain medical subsections and has thus become indispensible. With a particular focus on minimal-invasive oncology next to endovascular treatment of patients suffering of diabetes or arteriosclerosis new endoscopic, laparoscopic and radiological image-guided interventions increasingly become part of the guidelines and thus belong to the standard repertoire of modern hospitals. Many of such interventions and the necessary techniques are quite new and thus fully established only in very few hospitals. One of the main reasons for that is that development of the necessary know-how is a quite time consuming and complicated matter. The “Deutsche Akademie für Mikrotherapie” (DAfMT, or English, International School of Image-Guided Interventions) has set itself the target to support the clinical training of doctors for certain minimal-invasive or rather micro-therapeutical interventions. More information on the exceptional training concept can be found in detail on the website of DAfMT.

Within the SORAMIC clinical trial DAfMT has already conducted two hands-on trainings (Radioembolization in theory and practice; Application and use of the MRI contrast agent Primovist®) to test and actively extend the skills of the international investigators of the SORAMIC study. Further trainings together with the “Deutsche Akademie für Mikrotherapie” are currently in planning.

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